For the Artist of the New Era.

Be quicker, more responsive, and engaging in the new, fast-moving age of artist promotion by exploring endless creative possibilities with a growing community of artists and musicians.

Create great musical content.
Faster than ever.

Create together at the speed of inspiration and stay more relevant. No more sending tracks, editing videos, or waiting for feedback. Just hop on a session and make music together.

  • Connect and play music together remotely in sync, in real-time.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility, avoid travel, and create with so many more artists.
  • Spend zero time editing videos. Just upload the recording. Elwood handles the rest.

Sound great. Look great.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to play and record studio quality audio – together – in real-time with zero perceivable latency. Along with stylized video templates, every session can be a compelling moment captured on video that won’t look like a web conference call.

  • Simple steps to quickly record for tracking and/or video content.
  • Professional video editing and treatments applied per your input.
  • Download recordings and import the files in Logic or GarageBand.

Grow your network.
Grow your audience.

Build your industry network and discover new opportunities for creative expression and promotional exposure.

  • Elwood is an exclusive community for dedicated artists and musicians. Beta access is limited to qualified applicants and member invites.
  • Members can leverage each other’s social networks to enhance their reach and exposure.
  • Collaborations help you grow your followers and fans faster.