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What you can do with Elwood


Join the community to grow your network of fellow artists. Find other artists and musicians in your region to work with.


Take advantage of our virtual studio space. Record multiple artists online in real-time with high-definition audio or remotely track recordings you can export to your DAW.


Easily convert your sessions into unique, engaging video content. Amplify your exposure and reach new audiences through collaborative cross-promotion.

How It Works


Invite an artist you want to collaborate with.


Schedule and launch a session.


Sing, play, or record together in real time


Transform your sessions into social-ready content

What Artists are Saying

With schedules getting tighter and opportunities to meet growing rarer, Elwood’s realtime capabilities are transforming the way I work with other musicians. It’s opened up a ton of possibilities for developing music and creating unique content we can share.
If you're a musician like me, constantly on the move but committed to delivering top-notch content, I can't recommend Elwood enough. I'm finally able to be consistent with creating content I know my fans will enjoy in between songwriting, local gigs, and going on tour.
One of the most exciting aspects of this platform is how it empowers me to create exceptional video content that fuels my portfolio at an unprecedented speed…this platform has redefined the concept of teamwork for me.